UTP3305 DC Power Supply



UTP3300 series 3-channel linear DC power supplies feature low ripple/noise, constant voltage/current, over load protection, parallel/series, and output on/off control.


1. Dual channel, two circuits of adjustable output voltage 0~32V and one circuit of fixed voltage 5V

2. Master-slave tracking, constant voltage and current, Ⅰ, Ⅱ circuit can be used for master-slave tracking and used in parallelor in series.

3. Forced ventilation, temperature control cooling system. When the temperature reaches 65℃, the device dissipates heat automatically.

4. Display mode: LED digital tube display, can show voltage and current simultaneously.

5. Low ripple, low noise

6. High regulation: 0.01%

7. Output ON/OFF control

8. Constant voltage and current operation

9. Optional European standard output terminal

10. Overload protection, reverse polarity protection

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